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Konchord is a young music producer & DJ based in Munich. He produces music with big atmosphere mixed with little sound elements to create a detailed soundscape in every dimension. His productions are influenced by genres like Deep House, Electronica, or Alternative and by artists like Bonobo, Moderat, Howling or Midímum.

Konchord has been making music for several years and is constantly experimenting throughout different genres. His musical path began with six years, when he started to learn piano and it continued at the age of 13 by starting to play E-Bass and founding his first band at the same time. After several inspirational years in his band, the project “Konchord” evolved and he made a shift from Rock/Alternative to Electronic music.

His first EP “Novis” from May 2013 sums up his influences from the past by a versatile and unique sound. Constantly exploring new ways of creating music and pursuing an open-minded way of making art, he collaborated with artists like Thomas Scholz or Traumwelt.


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