KW009: Jason Heat – Ulysse

Out on: Klangwerk Records


Ulysse (Original Mix)

Jason Heat

Ulysse (Rone White Remix)

Jason Heat, Rone White

Ulysse (Phil Monday Remix)

Jason Heat, Phil Monday

Ulysse (Nice Therapy's Melodesseus Remix)

Jason Heat, Nice Therapy

Ulysse (Blower Soul Winner of the Contest Remix)

Jason Heat, Blower Soul

Ulysse (Chillis Beats Remix)

Ulysse, Chillis Beat

Ulysse (Divestorm Remix)

Jason Heat, Divestorm

Ulysse (Fareed & Neyba Remix)

Jason Heat, Fareed & Neyba

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Jason heat - Ulysse banner

Jason Heat brings us his own universe with this magical track containing a unique sounding harmony with subtile melodic elements and dark electronic soundscapes!!
The Album includes remixes from Rone White , Nice Therapy and Phil Monday.
We also included the winners of the remix contest we made on vetteschijven.be : Blower Soul , Chillis Beat , Divestorm , Fareed and Neyba.


Release: KW009

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