KW010: Various Artists – We Are Klangwerk, Vol. 1

Out on: Klangwerk Records


Dark Coffee (Original Mix)

Rone White

Perception (Original Mix)

Ada & Calo Divinti

Yep (Original Mix)


Heavy Bag (Jason Heat & Groovegsus Remix)

Rone White, Jason Heat, Groovegsus

Addictif (Original Mix)


Deepkreationz (Original Mix)

Stanton Green

Strike (Original Mix)


Moongirl (Original Mix)


Strident (Original Mix)

John Sparks

Argiope (Original Mix)


Illegal Energy (Original Mix)

Tom Hagen

Supersize (Original Mix)


Do It (Rone White Remix)

Ecco, Rone White

In Pursuit (Original Mix)

Tom Hagen

Nace (Tanzo & Morris Remix)

Konchord, Traumwelt, Tanzo & Morris

Black Mountain (Awake Remix)

Awake, Tanzo & Morris

Subzero (Original Mix)

Stereo For Two

Inferno (Original Mix)

Rone White

Erosion (Konchord Remix)

Konchord, The Minds Great

Ntss Ntss Boom (Original Mix)

The Minds Great

Ulysse (Original Mix)

Jason Heat

Fake Truth (Stereo for Two Remix)

Stereo For Two, Tanzo & Morris

Bikini Bottom (Original Mix)

Art Sparks

Move Forward (Original Mix)


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At this time of the year, it will become a tradition to review the past 12 months, and recall the outstanding moments of yet another successful year for Klangwerk Records.

Better than words, we’d like to do it with music: Here is our first compilation !

Bringing no less than 24 tracks . The first disc includes never-before-released tracks. The other disc captures the finest moments released on Klangwerk throughout the year.

The compilation contains tracks composed by artists we like , Rone White , Ecco ,Deetech ,Stereo For Two , John Sparks , Art Sparks , Jason Heat & Groovegsus, Tom Hagen , Tanzo & Morris , Ada & Calo DiVinti , Nanobeat , Alborythme , Awake , Noseda , Orpheon , Divestorm , The Minds Great and many more.

Those top tracks will shurely make you dance. Allow yourself to enjoy a wonderful and inspiring time with this compilation!



Release: 10109702

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